Belated Based Friday | 3rd July 2022 | Update 15

Apologies for the delay on this one, the intern was celebrating Canada Day and took the day off.

Today’s update will be brief and swift.

The Tomb Finance Lif3 genesis is still ongoing, don’t forget to stake your $BASED to start earning an initial share of the Lif3 token.

We also have an ongoing competition for our Prometheus Series NFTs, so make sure you check out our Socials for and get in on that. There is less than 1 day left!

Another week of progress here behind the scenes and some big brain ideation at Based Labs.

Based Labs official website is closer to completion & internal roadmap is being deconstructed, reassembled, fine-tuned and polished in the background.

We also have internal team restructuring and core members leaving.

Rest assured Based Soldiers, we’re committed to maintaining our longevity in the space and long term supporters will be getting the scoop on next protocols. A considerable amount of thought has gone into transitioning into next protocols and inclusiveness.

NFTs will have future protocol utility & we’re working on some unique ideas that we believe will breathe a bit of fresh air in the DeFi arena.

Keep your eye to the ground and your eyes on the Socials. 👀