Our Prometheus NFTs are our first omnichain collection minted on the Fantom Blockchain. The collection is built on top of Layer Zero smart contracts that allow seamless bridging (supporting all chains that have LZ Relayers deployed), featuring omnichain communication and interoperability and access to decentralized infrastructure.

The Mint process was hosted by the Based Labs team using slow mint mechanics and had a significant affect on our ecosystem protocols.

Currently, Gods have a farming pool in Based Next Gen on FTM, yielding rewards in $SMELT, but this is only the very beginning of our journey since we have Gods Footprints (bridgeable Prometheus NFT Receipt Tokens) ready to spread throughout the DeFi space.
Prometheus NFTs will also have utility and yield opportunities on all supported blockchains.

Some of the utilities may include (but not limited to):
Launchpad Exclusives
Alpha VIP Channel/s Access
(Informational Resources regarding Markets, DeFi News & Private Alerts)

There are only 752 Gods (Prometheus) scattered throughout the Fantom and Polygon space. Do not miss out on the opportunity to become a part of our $BASED Community and the long journey ahead of us while securing access to our VIP Exclusives and future features.