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Based Labs

We are a team that is passionate about developing the next generation of financial technology. We believe that decentralized finance will redefine the way we think about money and will forever change the dynamics of investing. Our team is made up of experienced developers, entrepreneurs, business professionals and investors who are committed to building the future of finance.


Our team is composed of highly motivated individuals who are all specialists in their roles. The goal of Based Labs is Legacy. We all want to impact the DeFi space and share our innovation for the prosperity of our Community and DeFi users globally.

Decentralized Finance

Why DeFi?


DeFi has no social or geological barriers or hierarchy of levels of access, meaning that anyone can create a wallet and start using DAPPS (Decentralized Applications) without requiring permission to do so or being encumbered by previously institutionalized high level or intentionally sophisticated entry points.


Blockchain infrastructure is built to ensure cross-chain compatibility so users can access and utilize funds on a plethora of chains with different tokenomics and mechanisms.

Limitless Ideation

Smart Contracts & Blockchain technology have provided us with an unfathomable amount of opportunity. It's potential is truly only limited to what we can conceive. For Based Labs, this is only the beginning of our journey.

Immutability & Transparency

Ecosystems built on public blockchain infrastructure guarantee exceptional transparency of operations and financial data, which protects it against tampering & corruption.


Blockchain has accelerated the capability to quickly trace data and transactions securely which has a tremendous affect on a large scale of industries which in turn leads to rapid expansion of use cases.

Equal Opportunity

Our hopes are that DeFi will obliterate the social inequality blockade that has permeated finance hitherto.


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