Stay Informed of the NFT Ecosystem by Top NFT News Aggregators

How to Keep Up with the NFT Ecosystem?

We hear from everyone: ‘’This is the best NFT collection, that’s the best NFT, the best artist is here and the best artist is there all the time. Endless hype, different art, and crazy communities of every kind can exhaust people trying to survive in the NFT ecosystem. On top of that, how can one person know about all the chains, NFT projects, and artists to make some profit from investing?
The answer is simple! What do you do when you can’t find time to learn about something? You find people that can find the time. In our situation, the answer is ‘’NFT News Aggregators’’. Which will save you lots of time and probably lots of profits.

What are NFT News Aggregators?

NFT news aggregators are online tools that inform you about prices, compare similar NFT’s and gives insights about projects. You can keep up with everything going on thanks to these aggregators.

How can you Identify the Best NFT News Aggregators?

  • How easy is it to use? It must be relatively easy to access the information there, so you can navigate around and not get lost in the excess amount of knowledge.
  • It should be trustworthy. Well, the reason is obvious, don’t trust anyone that seems shady. Always DYOR.
  • It should be keeping up with the news. If you see them lacking news even for a day, you should stop following. 

Best NFT News Aggregators

Without saying more here is a little list containing some of the best guys out there (That we think) for you to check out:

  • TodayInNFTs: They share very detailed information about a lot of projects and give good visuals to go with it. You can find a lot about metaverse projects from their Twitter.

  • NFT Calendar: Probably the first guys in the NFT ecosystem to share and keep the dates of NFT projects that are going to be launching. You can prepare your finances thanks to them and prepare for big NFT drops with a schedule.

  • Matty: You can find a lot of detailed insights into upcoming NFT projects that you will find a project right for your budget and heart thanks to Matty. He has already done so much in the NFT ecosystem, you might just be successful by just following his PA. (Not financial advice of course)

  • GemXYZ: Gem is probably one of the best NFT Marketplace aggregators out there. With beautiful UI and their platform’s reach, you can find pretty much everything going on within the NFT ecosystem, buy multiple NFT’s and more.

  • Crypto News: Well as you can see from their name, these guys share crypto news all the time. You can find about a lot of the hyped projects on their website. Since hype is somewhat creates value in the NFT ecosystem, it would be best to keep up with what they share.
  • NFT Morning: Here is something different, these guys do a podcast where they talk about the NFT ecosystem and more. You can listen to them over at Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces every morning and get the latest updates going on.