GODs’ Footprints & Upgraded Farming Pool

Happy Halloween, BASED Community!

On this auspicious day we are excited to announce that we are ready to deploy our upgraded SmeltRewardPool that will birth the lifeblood to our long-awaited GODs’ Footprints!

Our new upgraded farming pool will support minting of receipt tokens, which bring in a new level of yield bearing assets that are chain agnostic within Layer Zero’s reach.

We are able to set up pools with a specific type of receipt token we want to mint and send to user at time of deposit, be it an FTM chain receipt token or an omnichain receipt token — GODs’ Footprint.

This introduces vast possibilities to our investors that have their funds deposited in our pools, and at the same time use receipt tokens to participate in other events, be it farming in another protocol on FTM or otherwise, participation in extra incentive programs for locked liquidity, etc.

We are not able to reveal longer term plans for our receipt tokens at this time, but here is what we can reveal now:

Upgraded farming pool (SmeltRewardPool) will be deployed right after our DEX comes to life.

We will be adding the same exact pools that we have in the Farming Pools section on https://next-gen.basedfinance.io

Our GodNft pool will mint you 1 GODs’ Footprint receipt token for each NFT deposited into this pool.

Investors can not unstake the NFT if there is no GODs’ Footprint in their wallet.

With these changes, we will be updating omniportal.io to reflect your holdings of Prometheus and GODs’ Footprints.

OBOL-FTM, SMELT-FTM pools will accept new LP tokens made through our new DEX, and will mint you Based Receipt tokens that can be used later in Exploder.

Partnership pools will have the same versatility to mint receipts and be utilized elsewhere.

Since we transitioned to hybrid farming contracts, and are now introducing omnichain receipts, this puts Based Labs closer to incorporating some exceedingly based yields and utility, allowing us to venture further into the limitless expanse that is DeFi.

As always, stay tuned to the socials to keep up to date, like & share to help spread the news. Socials & links here: https://linktube.com/basedlabs