Clarification on the code: Comparing the differences to $TOMB

1. Why change this: if (block.timestamp < poolEndTime + 90 days) {
to 3 days??

We changed it to test during our testing phase and forgot to change back. What this means is that owner can remove funds from genesis 3 days after genesis ends. This is still safu since you will have 3 days to remove your funds from our genesis before we have the ability to take your money so unless you forget about your funds for 5 days from now, we cannot take your funds.

We will be renouncing this contract after pool ends so we can make sure we cannot rug too.

2. 0.5% Deposit fees

Our code has a function to claim the 0.5% deposit fees and send straight to treasury wallet to accrue funds in real time.

3. Why did you renounce $BASED contract to the treasury contract and not to null address 0x000000?

Treasury contract mints $BASED to distribute to $BSHARE stakers in Acropolis. So we gave treasury the operator right to the contract.

We were rushing to renounce ownership so we accidentally renounced the Treasury contract as well. This is our fault but rest assured that no one, no dev can use any function in the Treasury contract to mint and dump on you. Funds are safu and we are 100% rug free!