BASED x TOMB Partnership

Based Finance has seen unprecedented growth and community support since our recent launch on the Fantom network. Our team has held many comprehensive discussions on the future of our platform due to this recent success. Our $BASED token, the first algorithmic token pegged to $TOMB, has seen overwhelming support — from not only the Fantom ecosystem, but the Tomb Finance ecosystem itself. After extensive conversation between both teams, communities, and various leaders across the ecosystem; BASED Finance is extremely proud to announce an official partnership with Tomb Finance. We created this project with the direct intent of supporting TOMB and the ecosystem their team is building. Within three short weeks of launching our platform, we’ve managed to do just that. We couldn’t have done this without you all, the BASED community.

We also thank you the TOMB community for your support and looking forward to both our communities working together. We’re working really hard to build innovative new ideas surrounding our platform. This is just the beginning for BASED Finance. This partnership is going to facilitate our development in even more ways than originally planned. $TOMB and $BASED will disclose more details of our partnership along with new LPs between our two tokens and more in the coming weeks.

To learn more about our partner, please visit: and