$BASED Team Introduction

Introducing ‘Hercules’ — Head Moderator

Hercules was first introduced to cryptocurrency via GPU mining in late 2020. Not satisfied by meagre gains, he branched out into the ever-expanding world of DeFi and became a degen in 2021. It wasn’t simply a fairytale story though as he suffered huge losses, exploits and rugpulls in BSC. But Hercules managed to come back and return stronger than ever, profiting large in OHM season, and the current Tomb season. As per the name, Hercules will be a strong figure throughout the community. He will be more than willing to answer questions one may have, organizing games and competitions for the community. But be warned, it is his utmost priority to keep the discord a safe haven for all its users, poor behavior will not be tolerated!

Introducing ‘Anesia’ Project manager/Tokenomics Wizard

An first saw Bitcoin at 46k in late January of 2021. Initially he believed he was too late to invest, but after stumbling into DeFi he realized how much more there was to cryptocurrency. Not only did he survive the May crash after inevitably buying the top, the wizard made a fortune through DeFi. One of his notorious wins was the Kurt Cobain led ‘PWAC’ farm. An theorized a method to consistently profit off this farm, eventually amassing a 5 figure profit from a 3 figure investment. Since then, Anesia has exponentially grown in both knowledge and net worth. Now he would like to give back to the community by sharing his vast knowledge on tokenomics and protocol design; he will be our $BASED Tokenomics Wizard!

Kratos- Lead Advisor

Kratos has been in crypto from 2017 & has experienced the ICO craze as well as the dreaded bear market. Coupled with his extensive game development experience, he will be assisting the team with game theory, gamification & future Play to Earn projects on the $BASED platform. A true veteran of the game, his experience will be a key factor in making the protocol successful.

Introducing ‘Helios’ — Community Manager

Helios first joined the crypto scene in August of 2021. At the time Polygon was booming with reputable projects. Sadly that hype was short lived as the quality started declining and more rugs occurring. His experience in Defi has allowed him to dabble into all sorts of projects from (degen farms, shitcoins, ohm forks, tomb forks, etc), eventually garnering major success through the Ohm fork “season. As an investor for these projects Helios was not always satisfied with how developers treated their investors. To him, transparency is the key factor for a successful project. He will be assisting Aphrodite in marketing while also being a direct contact for investors. Any queries or proposals should be made directly to Helios.

Introducing ‘Zeus’ — The Professor

Zeus discovered crypto whilst browsing Reddit in late 2019. Fascinated by the technology, he delved deeper and eventually became a ‘holder’ of numerous projects. However, he noticed a few posts would often go unnoticed, those on the topic of DeFi. Entranced by the potential for tenfold gains, he became a farmer during the DeFi summer of 2021. Zeus started off well, but eventually lost all his gains following a sequence of rugs and poor plays. Back down to 3 figures, he did not quit, instead using his newfound expertise to prosper and now sits comfortably over the 7 figure mark. As an English Major, Zeus will be in charge of all documents and articles published, while also being a figurehead of the discord community alongside Hercules.

Introducing ‘Aphrodite’- Marketing Lead

Aphrodite joined crypto in May 2019 and had a consistently successful journey in DeFi stemming from Yield farms to OHM forks, and now present day Tomb forks. Throughout her time as a degen, she often spent her days chatting within the various communities and analyzing the factors which made projects do well. With her strong resume as a Marketing Manager (we cannot reveal exactly where due to privacy concerns) and her extensive research done over the years, Aphrodite will ensure that there is a consistent stream of new investors whilst meeting all of the communities needs.

Introducing ‘Hephaestus’- Lead Designer

Hephaestus has been in the arts and design industry for over 5 years, from hand drawn illustrations and digital arts. Joined the crypto world in 2021 from a friend’s recommendation to work on several projects, he has joined this project as the lead designer for the web and marketing materials to ensure you have a pleasant experience through Defi.

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