Based Profit Distribution FAQ

FAQs on Profit Distribution Feature:

  1. Is profit distribution live? When does distribution start? Why does nothing show up for me to claim?

The profit distribution contract is live. This contract is not like a normal rewards pool. Rewards will show up for claim after we distribute them at random times. Treasury will seed rewards (simp Zeus) & devs will distribute (simp Athena)

2. Which LP to use for profit distribution?

You need to deposit BASED-TOMB SPOOKY SWAP LP on Beefy. When you do that, you will receive receipt tokens in return automatically. You can deposit those in parthenon.

3. How much is the deposit fee? Where does the deposit fee go?

Deposit fee is 1%. It will be burnt.

4. Explain withdrawal tax? Where does the tax go?

Withdrawal tax starts at 7% and decreases to 0% over 7 days. For example, if 24 hrs have passed since you have deposited, the withdrawal tax will be 6% and so on. Tax collected here is also burnt.

5. Is my Beefy LP still autocompounding in Parthenon?Am I really getting APR on top of Beefy APR?

Yes, your beefy LP is still autocompounding. Yes, you are getting profit distribution apr on top of your beefy auto compounding APR.

6. My beefy LP does not show up on Beefy, what happened?

After you have deposited your beefy receipt tokens in parthenon, your LP won’t show up on beefy anymore until you withdraw it from parthenon.

7. It does not let me deposit on Parthenon, what do I do?

If you are unable to deposit because of your LP having numerous decimals after decimal point, try using whole numbers or up to 4 decimal values. Eg, Instead of 4.23456789, use 4.23.

8. If I stake more, will my withdrawal tax timer reset?

Yes, your withdrawal tax timer will reset if you stake more.

9. If I claim my reward, will my withdrawal tax timer reset?

No, the tax timer will not reset after the claim.

10. How many epochs in parthenon? Or is it random?

Let us call these distributions instead of epochs. There may be 1–4 distributions per day & it would be random.

11. Does the reward tokens change? Can I choose my reward tokens?

Rewards tokens may be changed in the future. No, you cannot choose your rewards tokens.

12. Was Profit Distribution Contracts Audited?

Yes, the profit distribution contract was audited.

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