Based Moving Forward: Accountability, Future Plans, Expansion

Based community! We’re thrilled to finally have our project up and running at max capacity. Things are all running smoothly and there’s no lack of based investors and DeFi enthusiasts joining our community. Our engagement is growing across all platforms and the team is really excited to keep pushing forward. We’ve had a lot of success so far in this short period of time and we expect to continue capitalizing off of that fact.

Did we say max capacity? Oh, sorry, let me correct that. We’re nowhere near max capacity. We’re about to ramp up our development to a whole new level. We have recently been approached by large investors, with a particular someone thinking that our idea of $TOMB peg is pretty clever. 😉

We’re gearing up for some serious expansion, we’re in the process of some extremely innovative new practices and hope to find a unique spot in the Fantom ecosystem. Although we’re a fork of Tomb Finance, we’re focusing on making our protocol into an ingenious and original project — with a focus on breaking new ground and cutting-edge smart-contract development to bring a new wave of euphoria and based energy to the Fantom ecosystem as a whole. We’re so excited to have you guys all here with us, and we hope that we can continue to garner support in every way, shape, and form for Based Finance.

We’ve been in contact with multiple different sources, pursuing next-level partnerships and seriously based community incentives. We’re not going anywhere, and we want to make it known to the Fantom ecosystem as a whole that that’s a fact. Stay tuned, and stay based. We’re not going to get ahead of ourselves, nor release any premature information to our community, just know we have some big (based) things going on behind closed doors. Here’s a message regarding a couple things that you can expect from us in the near future: (not in any particular order)

1. KYC and Audit:

KYC and official audits will increase our protocol’s credibility, bringing more people to invest time and money into Based Finance’s current and future products. These products, like triple-yield stablecoin pools and other implementations of blue-chip protocols, will attract different kinds of investors to our platform and bring a new level of value to our suite.

2. Complete All Our Listings:

We’re in contact with many high-level firms, DeFi tracking platforms and communities across the space. You have seen this with our listings on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, DefiLlama, etc. We are currently waiting for DeBank approval. Please take some time to vote for us at:

3. Add More Innovative Pools to Earn $BSHARE

If you liked our implementation of the triple-yield stablecoin pool earning yields from BSHARE with a blue-chip protocol like Curve, you will be very interested to see our future pools with more features and special integrations from other platforms in the near future. We’re looking forward to creating extra value and opportunities of increased yield in the Fantom ecosystem.

4. Potential partnerships with other Tomb-based platforms

We are currently in contact with other Tomb-forks to see about even more opportunities to earn yield on your Based Finance tokens. You may be able to gain exposure to other platforms that we see fit without having to swap your funds in and out of our tokens.

5. Adding More Auto-Compounding Vaults and LP Staking Support

We’re in contact with multiple more platforms, including high-level ones, to provide our users with nearly any experience they desire in the Fantom ecosystem. Our goal is to be supported by every vault platform on the network so that users have the opportunity to stake their funds on their favorite platforms.

6. Onboarding New Developers to Our Team

Our vision is to build an extremely broad and expansive platform to provide users of the Fantom ecosystem with a large suite of Based products. We have a ton of things planned and big ideas that we’re going to need more minds and manpower for, so we’re beginning to expand the team. If you or someone you know is looking for freelance solidity work, feel free to contact the team on Discord or Telegram.

7. Expanding $BASED & $BSHARE Utility

As a group of experienced DeFi enthusiasts ourselves, we are constantly brainstorming new ideas of utility and ways to create increased value for our products. We really look forward to sharing some of these utilities with our community in the coming days-weeks.

8. Community Incentives + Marketing Push

It can be really hard to stand out in the DeFi space, especially when you’re generalized as “just another fork” of a bluechip protocol. We’re pushing really hard to find new and original ways to give back to our community to incentivize new people and money to flow into our platform. We’re going to be giving back to our community in ways that not many platforms would consider. We owe it all to you guys because of all the funds we have been able to raise through our genesis/curve deposit fees and appreciation of treasury assets. We’re going to make it known that our community is very important to us and make the time of those who are actively contributing very well rewarded.

Lastly, Thank You All.

We’ve never been more excited to be apart of something like this. We wouldn’t be here without you guys, the Based Community. We are going to continue to push forward regardless of what happens in the near term and hope that those who see our vision decide to stick with us until we’ve built something that is unique, innovative, and stands the test of time. We appreciate each and every one of you and are excited to continue building an army of Chad’s in our discord to give back in very magnificent ways to those who have contributed most to helping build up our platform and social arena into something remarkable. Stay tuned, and Stay Based.

-The Team at Based Finance