Based Labs Update — Realm Venturing

Dear Based Family, we are thrilled to announce our first steps towards venturing out to other realms! We are working towards listing our NFT collection on Magic Eden on Polygon!!

Why? Its more complicated than listing on PaintSwap & we have to bridge? What’s the point?

By listing on Polygon’s Best Marketplace — Magic Eden — we are exposing our community and our ecosystem to a whole new crowd and possibly many new investors who might get interested in our tokenomics, broader goals and direction of development.

As all of you already know, our GODS are omnichain out of the box, and you all have been waiting on them to reveal their true migration power for quite some time now.

Bridging our collection to & from Polygon will instantly give us access to:

⦁ Listing on a very reputable Marketplace — Magic Eden

⦁ Bridging mechanics involving bridging a portion of $BASED to Polygon

⦁ Activating usage of $OBOL as fee for bridging

⦁ Using royalties generated to feed back into our ecosystem

⦁ Laying base for our appearance on Polygon

⦁ Connecting with projects and communities on Polygon

⦁ Opening gates to potential investors not only to our protocols, but to FTM blockchain ecosystem!

We have only 752 GODS that are capable of doing great things throughout the DeFi space, lets unleash their power and see what comes next!

Current Development Pipeline:

⦁ Server testing and database final touches

⦁ Metrics page deployment

⦁ CMC, CG, DefiLlama and all other possible boards updates

⦁ Deployment of Prometheus contract on Polygon

⦁ Deployment of $BASED OTC on Polygon w Chainlink Oracle

⦁ Listing of Prometheus Collection on Magic Eden

⦁ VDC and Exploder deployment on FTM

⦁ Launchpad deployment on chains that fit the product and narrative

Communications, Marketing, R&D Pipeline:

⦁ Marketing material preparations(creations)

⦁ AMA scheduling

⦁ Landing page overhaul

⦁ Partnerships outreach on FTM

⦁ Polygon outreach

Any questions always feel free to reach out on Discord.

As always, stay tuned to the socials to keep up to date & please like + share to help spread the news. Socials & links here:

Stay $BASED frens!