Based Labs & Flair DeFi Partnership

Based Labs are excited to be partnered with Flair DeFi — Low Fee DEX on #avax with ve(3,3) tokenomics, curve inspired gauges and permissionless bribes.

Time will only tell what the APRs will be like 👀

Check them out at

Now, let’s get down to the details of how all this will work.

Avalanche Market volume and engagment exploration:

⦁ Launch a one way bridge of $BASED from FTM to AVAX (aBASED)
⦁ Create initial LP pair $BASED-partnerToken

Immediate Benefits:

⦁ Additional incentives for creating LP and farming partner tokens
⦁ Reduction of $BASED supply on FTM (one way bridge only — no way of bridging back to FTM)
⦁ One way arbitrage opportunity on price fluctuation
⦁ Opening flood gates to AVAX community
⦁ Demand on $OBOL for paying bridging fees (bridge fee is 1% paid in $OBOL only)
⦁ Further use case and incentives for Gods’ Footprints (boosts on AVAX)


⦁ No way of bridging back $aBASED to FTM
⦁ LP and $BASED value on AVAX might be lower than on FTM (native partner asset or AVAX token can be volatile)
⦁ Security risk of partner protocols (of which Based Labs have no control over)

What does Based Labs and Based Community achieve by deploying on AVAX?

⦁ Exposure to bigger communities
⦁ Testing grounds for further deployments of our products on alternative chains
⦁ Battle testing our crosschain assets (Footprints, Ecosystem Assets)
⦁ Constant demand on $BASED and $OBOL
⦁ Building trust with partner protocols for future collaborations

We hope everyone can see the clear benefits of our recent moves.

Rest assured, there is more #basednews coming soon. As always, give us some love on the socials and any questions please ask in Discord.

Links all here:

Stay $BASED & $SMELT $OBOL frens