Based Labs — Exploder & VDC

Hello BASED Community! Here we are again with more news & more features. 

Firstly, we’d like to share our Live Public Roadmap. Everyone can keep an eye on what Based Labs are working on and what we’re working on next. PSST… unannounced info here… 👀

Public Roadmap Link is here:

Based Labs Live Public Roadmap

Secondly, we’d like to introduce and explain our new modules providing even more utility across our ecosystem.


Volume Driver Contract (VDC) is a wrapper contract that is incorporated in our DEX.

It will keep track of every buy transaction on $BASED through our router contract, automatically log every buyer address and add all buys for a total amount for the epoch.

Part of our BSHARE-FTM LP that is created once a week from 4% sell tax on $BSHARE will be allocated to VDC. This LP will be automatically sent to the biggest buyer (accumulated buys) and 1 random buyer, which will be achieved via Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function).

VDC will be rolling over rewards if there is at least 1 buy within the current period up until there are 14 epochs in a row with active buys. At that point, the VDC will trigger an automatic giveaway. If there are no buys for the current period, VDC will trigger automatically and run a VRF, send rewards to 1 random buyer & biggest buyer. Once every giveaway round is completed, all logs will be reset, and a new epoch begins. Epoch length is 6 hours with a maximum rollover of 14 epochs (half a week / 3.5 days max rollover).

For now, VDC will only track buys on $BASED, but we are able to extend this embedded option to other tokens of our ecosystem, as well as partner assets, whitelisted on our DEX.

Users do not have to take any extra steps to participate. We will have a section in UI dedicated to VDC and a small dashboard showing top buyers for the current epoch for ease of tracking!

Since $BSHARE is not emitting anymore, we cannot guarantee the amount of LP rewards for winners, but with increased volumes it could prove to be quite rewarding.

Investor buys 5000 $BASED — VDC registers this amount and wallet address, then same investor sells this amount of $BASED — VDC does not deduct sells from registered amounts, but seller pays 4% tax (more $BASED burnt), investor can further buy any amount & VDC will add this amount to previously registered amount (cumulative). At the end of each round, largest buyer receives 80% of BSHARE-FTM LP & random buyer (no minimum purchase amount) will receive 20% of BSHARE-FTM LP.

VDC functions & mechanics can be tailored and incorporated for any partner token/s that decide to launch or provide liquidity on our DEX.


Exploder Module is a contract that will run a giveaway automatically every week.

This module will lock your receipt tokens (V2 / Based Next Gen) or shares minted by Matrix (V1 / Based Finance) for X amount of time in exchange for constant participation in the weekly giveaways. It will send 50% of rewards to the biggest depositor and 50% of rewards to a random depositor.

There are currently two ways to increase your chances of winning:

1) The longer the lock period the more entries you will receive

2) Refer friends and fellow investors for even more entries

By entering Exploder Module you will be locking your receipt tokens, meaning that you will not be able to remove your staked position for the duration of the lock period but you will still be farming simultaneously whilst entering into the weekly giveaways.

There will be a small deposit fee in $OBOL to enter Exploder.

Any questions always feel free to reach out on Discord.

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