BASED INNOVATION #2: double-yield tricrypto pool

BASED INNOVATION #2: double-yield tricrypto pool

Triple yield Curve-Geist stablecoin pool was an outstanding success of $BASED. The pool attracted 18m$ of capital and even now is earning an impressive yield of 7%(Geist and curve) and 86% from $BSHARE rewards with a total of 93% APR. Most of the whales in the pool have LP positions for our native tokens $BASED and $BSHARE as we have predicted.

Our second pool integration will be Curve’s tricrypto pool, with BTC, ETH, and USDT as liquidity.

This bluechip pool is earning about 20% APR rewards provided by Curve. We will integrate a pool of their receipt tokens the same way as Triple-yield curve-Geist pool, allowing investors to earn $BSHARE rewards yields on top of the high 20% Curve gives.


For reasons why adding 500-iq bluechip pools could help our protocol, please re-read our article for Curve Geist pool here: