$BASED innovation 1: Triple-yield stable coin pool($GEIST, $CURVE, and $BASED)

Our latest innovation from typical $TOMB forks is the introduction of a triple-yield stables pool that earns $BSHARE. Investors can deposit their receipt tokens from the $GEIST stable pool from ftm.curve.fi to earn $BSHARE on top of the yields from $GEIST and $CURVE.

1. Triple yield:

Curve Finance has proven to be one of the safest protocols in DEFI. On Fantom, Curve’s Geist stable pool is earning double yields; trading fees from Geist and curve rewards.

Curve’s receipt tokens for their pool are considered yield-bearing assets, meaning they accrue value in real time as rewards are paid out. With another pool from $BASED, investors can deposit their yield-bearing receipt tokens to earn $BSHARE rewards on top of the rewards from Curve and Geist.

2. Will this pool dilute the $BSHARE rewards of $BASED-$TOMB and $BSHARE-$FTM holders?

Yes, a little, we have decided to reduce some of our own team allocations of $BSHARE rewards and only a small part from LPs for this new stable pool. But native LPs are still earning 90% the amount as before so rewards for native holders are not too diluted!

3. How much is the APR for this pool?

We will only allocate around 5% of $BSHARE rewards to this pool. It will have quite high yield at first but we expect it to go down dramatically to a consistent 30–100% apr as investors deposit their stable tokens. This is a long term yield, ideal for slow but stable gains. And don’t forget you are also earning the rewards from Geist and Curve at the same time!

4. Stacking more DAO funds:

Genesis was a huge success with over 100k in DAO wallet. With this pool, team will collect 0.2% deposit fees for DAO wallet. We believe that 0.2% is a reasonable price for the first long-term Triple-yield stable pool!

5. Blowing up DEFI

Our pool will bring traditional DEFI investors to our protocol with our triple yield stable pool. Currently, $TOMB forks mostly attract $TOMB investors or other degen players. We believe that this pool will attract a lot of different investors alongside regular DEFI participants into our protocol. As they deposit in our stable pool, they will learn about $BASED, about $BSHARE and especially about our BASED team. We are confident the influx of new people will also mean an increase in investments to $BASED and $BSHARE

6. Final numbers for $BSHARE rewards:

Stake your LP to earn $BSHARE tokens

$BSHARE TEAM: 4500 tokens vested over 5.5 months.

Max Supply: 50000 $BSHARE