Based Friday May 6th 2022 Update 10

Hello Based Community!

Thanks again for another amazing week, our Based Community! We’re proud to continue offering a sustainable and high yield as the market continues to be unpredictable and highly volatile. Our peg remains strong as we forge ahead into the future of Based Finance. We’re working hard on building that future for you all so that each and every person can benefit in some way from our ever-growing ecosystem. Thank you all, there could be no Based Finance if it weren’t for each and every one of you.

Protocol GODS — Update & Developments

Protocol Gods is well on the way to completion. The smart contracts for our new platform are currently undergoing their finishing touches before they are reviewed by a third party service.

Prometheus, the Titan God of Fire, is swiftly approaching his new domain. We’re so excited to bring you guys the final product but the majority of the exciting things we have to share are to be released altogether when we know our contracts are safe, secure, and ready to go. The artwork is close to being finished and we’re thrilled! Our next update is going to blow you all away.

Speaking of new domains, we’ve acquired a couple new ones that are the first step towards our future. Based Finance was created with a vision in mind, the vision of a DeFi ecosystem that was all-inclusive and offered many great opportunities for our community, alongside others, to earn yields and collaborate together.

We at Based Finance are thrilled to be building in DeFi and contributing to the vast pool of options that you all have access to as users of Web 3. We wish we could ship everything that we’re thinking about and building right away. We’re striving to build some of the most sustainable, safe, and user-friendly projects and incorporate them all into our debut platform, Based Finance.

We appreciate our community being so patient and enjoying our protocol the way it is while we build.

Felix Exchange Listing

As you might have heard already if you’re paying attention to our other socials, Based Finance is proud to be among a few of the first listings to come to the newest exchange launching on FTM, Felix Exchange! The team at Based Finance would like to congratulate them on their soft launch which happened today. Head on over to and check out one of the most exciting up and coming things surrounding the Fantom ecosystem. “Make all of your trading pawsibilities a reality. Your all-in-one destination for Fantom and 600+ tokens…the purrfect exchange!”

GIF Competition

We come again with another competition to win $BASED prizes!

This time we have organized an animated GIF competition. GIFs are a cool way to show your art and have fun using it in Discord and TG or any other social media channel.


Design 3 Animated GIFs related to Base (you can incorporate anything in your design, as long as their is no racist/homophobic content) e.g., you can use greek related designs, chads, pepes, other memes etc.

Timeline: Competition ends on Friday, 27th of May @ 3pm UTC


1st — 1500 $BASED

2nd — 1000 $BASED

3rd — 750 $BASED

4th — 500 $BASED

5th — 250 $BASED

A separate GIF competition channel will be made shortly after release, feel free to post your GIFS and shill on the channel. The CHADS and the CORE TEAM will pick the Top 5 winners at the end of the competition.

Good Luck and Stay $Based

— — — — — — — — — — -

We’ll come to an end here with our protocol guide once again. A great reminder on how you all can use our strategies to build your portfolio with.

Protocol Drachma is still one of our major focuses in the background. We can’t wait to reveal the details. You’re all going to love this so much and we’re so excited to introduce our first real protocol that will implement a whole new utility for our tokens.

Thanks again to everyone for the continued support. We couldn’t do this without you all and we’re thrilled that you have enjoyed our protocol thus far.

Lastly, $TOMB on and Stay $BASED!