Based Friday March 4th 2022 Update 1

Hello Based Community!

Welcome to our FIRST weekly news event: #BASEDFRIDAY. Before we begin, we wish to acknowledge the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the millions of people affected by the war. Based understands how difficult this time is as many of our $CHADS are located in the conflicting countries. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

The Fantom ecosystem has been extremely welcoming. We’ve had the privilege of making some great connections that have allowed for many awesome developments for our platform. As much as we want to say more, we can’t reveal all just yet. We’re hard at work building and we can assure you — all that is coming will be worth the wait! Building something safe, secure, and optimal takes time to iron out.

We are so thrilled to see the overwhelming support from the community in our recent partnership with Tomb Finance. The traction we’ve managed to gain since day one is absolutely astonishing; we’re very grateful for you all. We will continue to push forward into new and unique opportunities for our community to earn yield in the DeFi space. The team wants to reiterate — we’re still just getting started.

A short RECAP

Over the past month we have achieved the following milestones:

● KYC with Assure DeFi
● Phase 3 Audit from Obelisk
● Listed on CG and CMC in record time
● Attracted 100 Million TVL on FTM
● Whitelisted & tracked on SpookySwap, ApeBoard, Debank & DefiLlama
● Remained #1 Yield Generator on entire Defi on DefiYield.App for a week

● Entered Top 25 DeFi protocol on FTM as per DefiLlama

● Auto compounders on YieldWolf, Beluga, GrimFinance & Matrix

● Launched innovative Curve pools

● Above all, partnered with the TOMB FINANCE & Harry Yeh

●Tomb Finance & Harry are now a MultiSig on our Treasury.

Partnership with Tomb Finance

Regarding our recent partnership with Tomb Finance, we will soon be releasing more information on our LPs on TombSwap. These pools are going to provide a whole new opportunity for our investors to earn yield by utilizing Tomb Finance’s official DEX. Since its inception, Tomb Finance has been allowing its users to benefit from their high yields. It’s a platform with incredible power in the Fantom ecosystem. Each and every BASED holder contributes to that power officially now. We are also contributing to the greater Tomb ecosystem by supporting the TOMB token and building new use cases for TOMB & BASED.


1. Zap contracts

Our Zap contracts are currently being audited thus Zap should be available very soon. Phase 3 of the audit ended with only minor issues to fix. Athena & Calypso have already made these corrections, hence we are expecting a final result within a few days.

2. BEEFY vaults!

We’re extremely proud to announce that our vaults went LIVE on Beefy Finance today at 14:00 UTC! Our boosted vault will be going live today at 20:00 UTC and the BASED community will be able to utilize one of the most widely known and trusted platforms for earning yield on the majority of our liquidity pools! Beefy partnership will also open up innovative integration of pools. More info on this will be coming later.

3. New feature!

A new feature is being developed to bring more utility for $BASED. This will bring organic earnings to our platform and further set us apart from other Tomb forks. Stay tuned for the reveal.

P.S- see if you can figure it out from the infographic


We would take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the Tomb Finance team including Harry Yeh, Vinh Q. Vuong, and all the moderators from Tomb who have been supporting us throughout this journey. Special thanks to some members of our community, who have taken

the extra step by creating initiatives for our platform. We also express our gratitude to the multiple FTM community protocols who have trusted us enough to use our protocol to release features incorporating $BASED and $BSHARE, especially Pod Town, Matrix Farm, and Summit Defi.

Lastly, $TOMB on and Stay $BASED!