Based Friday March 25th 2022 Update 4

Hello Based Community!

Another week of $BASED remaining healthily above peg. This past week we saw pretty steady green candles for $FTM, $TOMB, $BASED and $BSHARE. Congratulations to our partners at $TOMB who continue to close in on their peg!

Project Milestones for this week:

● Zappers are active

● Audit is finished

● Back in Top 20 FTM protocols by TVL

● Back at 100Mil TVL

● $TOMB-$BASED LP pair launched in TombSwap

Based News

The $BASED-$TOMB pool on TombSwap has gone live and we are incentivizing it by launching a new pool for this pair. We would like to point out the fact that our partners at Tomb Finance will be sharing a portion of the fees with us for ALL our LP pairs. So we would recommend the community to prefer using our pools at TombSwap.

We received our Obelisk audit last week and are working on an extensive Medium article stepping through the audit. More on this in the upcoming week.

The WhatTheFork group has begun comparing forks of the Tomb Finance project with the original code base (not a formal audit, but good for highlighting changes that may be potential security threats). We are already listed for a code analysis from WhatTheFork.

Sticker Competition Winners

This one was really tough, we kind of loved almost all of them. We recognize that there is some real talent hidden among our community.

Here are the 3 winners of the competition:

  1. Pandybear (Discord)
  2. Frostmourne (Discord)
  3. Sashania(discord) tied with
  4. Arisa (Discord)


Our projects’ relationship with our partner Tomb Finance continues to get stronger as we move forward. We now have two of our primary pools on TombSwap ($BASED-$MAI added last week, now $BASED-$TOMB as well), and we are working on strengthening the relationship further. We do not want to spoil the fun, expect something special from us this week.

Today we have more than 10k $BSHARE staked in the acropolis & 100Mil in TVL. $TOMB has nearly recovered their peg and we remain healthily above, thanks in part to both our partnership and the awesome community supporting both of these projects.

So, $TOMB on and Stay $BASED!