Based Friday | 8th July 2022 | Update 15

Hello Based Community! Happy Based Friday ! Defi Wallet listing:

Another listing! $BASED has been listed on the DeFi wallet by

Burn Baby Burn

Treasury has been burning $BASED as a precursor to the biggest ever burn event. For the first time ever we are incentivizing BBONDs by providing it greater utility!

Based Labs NFTs
Divine Olympians will be minted using BBONDS. Which will not only give Utility to BBONDS but also incentivize burning of $BASED, accelerating our journey back to peg.

NFT Minting Details

Its here. The most anticipated utility NFTs with kickass GODs art is here. As mentioned before we will be minting with BBONDS. Imagine what happens when the staked NFTs are earning some of the highest rates in DeFi but BBONDs are rare…

Minting date: Before 24th July (end of BSHARE emissions)
Minting cost: 500 USD equivalent in BBONDS

NFTs will be start earning yields almost immediately without any deposit fees along side Share tokens.

BSHARE Redemptions

A lot of questions have been asked by community about what is gonna be the reward tokens after 24th July. Be assured that Based team will not leave you hanging. BSHARE/FTM LPs will be swapped for the new Share tokens (Wink wink). Details upcoming. Keep your eyes on the socials frens.

Genesis for V2

As we wait for the macro market conditions to get better to launch Protocol Drachma, we are launching what’s probably one of the safest yet innovate iterations of Tomb. Once more details come out you will realize this is in more ways a continuation of $BASED than a new layer.

NFTs and the new share tokens will have the most Allocations in genesis. NFTs will also have a juicy staking pool in the post genesis with no deposit fees.

With this transition we intend to:

  1. Shift of value from V1 to V2.
    2. Ensure Protocol owned liquidity for $BASED
    3. Ability to correlate Based expansion with roll outs of use cases as originally envisioned.

Rest assured Based Labs ventures will continue to provide value for Based Finance.

Stay connected with Based Labs and get the scoop on new protocols on new chains and events.

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Further details on upcoming events will be available next Based Friday.

As always, Stay $BASED & $TOMB ON!