Based Friday | 27th May 2022 | Update 13

Hello Based Community!

Congratulations to our partner Tomb Finance on announcing their next phase with Lif3 & getting listed on Felix Exchange. We support them wholeheartedly in all future ventures & their effort to reach peg. With Harry Yeh helping us, we ourselves are staying very close to peg & aim to be printing daily without much trouble. At epoch 430 we are approaching the milestone where 2/3rd of $BSHAREs are circulated, among which, 71% are staked on Acropolis.

Some milestones for us this week

● Based-Usdc Tomb Swap pool launched

● Katastima in action

● Based listing on Felix

$BASED listed on Felix with $USDT pair

We are happy to announce that $BASED is now trading live on Felix, please check it out on this link As many would gather, between Katastima & Felix, look out for arbitrage options available as both prices stabilise around a volatile market.

Katastima is live!

Katastima has been working great & we are happily surprised to see every refill getting eaten up fast. We have been slowly increasing the amount of refills all the while keeping an eye on the peg. With Felix trading now active, we are anticipating demand when the prices are in an imbalance between the CEX & DEXs.

$BASED — $USDC TombSwap incentivised pool is live!

Although we hit a minor bump with some UI issues on TombSwap, we have launched $BASED-$USDC incentivised pool. The pool is having 3% daily APR & 1056% yearly APR, you know what to do.

Crushing Social Engagement!

Now this will come as a surprise to most of us on our groups & socials, but Based Finance has been breaking new ground with higher social engagement. Thanks to Erebus, his content push on leading news outlets have worked its magic. We would also request our community & chads to be more active promoting our tweets & social content pushed out on other platforms as well.

Time now to announce the winners of the GIF competition

  1. 1st MpeleZw
  2. 2nd Dope
  3. 3rd Mr Mcflunday — Pepsi Maxi
  4. 4th sashania
  5. 5th escrew7

Congratulations winners.

BASED V2 — Based Labs

No, it was not a typo that last time we mentioned based v2, but it is not really a layer 2 either. Based V2 is a vision for the future of the Based Ecosystem. The partnership between Based Finance & Tomb Finance has now evolved into a sustainable mechanism. While we help Tomb, they have been in turn helping us maintain our peg & have been doing a spectacular job given the market conditions. In addition the partnership has bought us listing on Felix & potential launches on TombChain as we close in on our BSHAREs emission end.

At this juncture we are confident that our team is ready to venture on to other blockchains beyond Fantom & start deploying protocols which could benefit all those who would have a stake in this team. Announcing the formation of Based Labs ( which will be representing the team with all the crosschain ventures coming under this umbrella. As we have Based Finance, the Tomb Fork on Fantom, we will be exploring & experimenting with various DeFi & Degen friendly protocols on all accessible chains. This means that Protocol Drachma may not be launching on Fantom, but on another chain yet we will make sure that everyone who has a stake in the team benefits from every Based Labs protocol.

Will close with something to ponder — Divine Olympians is Omnichain!

So, $TOMB on and Stay $BASED!