Based Friday | 24th June 2022 | Update 14

Based Friday | 24th June 2022 | Update 14

Happy Based Friday!

We saw a bit of a relief bounce across the board this week, but the market still remains in a bloody bear. Regardless, we continue to build, and we are already seeing some serious growth in Based Labs — our research and development branch. Based NFTs are nearing completion as well, and we are very excited about what the community will think of the final product. Our partners with Tomb have launched Lif3 and you can stake $BASED in the genesis pools already. Huge thanks to our amazing community for the continued support, we wouldn’t be here without you! Now for the news.

Upcoming NFTs

NFT Status — It’s coming!

The based team is committed to providing true utility for our community, and that’s one of the reasons we are so excited about our upcoming based NFTs. The culture around NFTs has grown tremendously over the past year and providing an avenue for our community to diversify into them while still supporting our project will be huge in our opinion. Our upcoming NFTs will be purchased using $BASED and they will be able to be staked for further rewards. We are continuing our efforts to wrap up the remaining pieces on the artwork and contracts, and want to ensure everything will work exactly as planned. One of the benefits of being in a bear market versus a bull is the breathing room that allows for us to build and grow without the constraints of FOMO etc.

Based Labs

Based Labs


We have been seeing a little confusion regarding what exactly Based Labs is? — So hopefully this will help to clarify that, and really show how cool this new formation of the Based team is. Based Labs is essentially our research and innovation umbrella; we have developed a large code base allowing for quick development and testing of new protocols, and are actively researching successful projects to see what works well for them, and what can potentially work well for us. The goal of based labs is to experiment, iterate, and improve, and we are in a great position to develop degen-friendly protocols to keep our community engaged during the crypto winter. We have a lot of experience and good connections that will further this growth, and Based Labs will be our vehicle to do so.

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Partnering with Liquid Capital

Partnering with Liquid Capital

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Liquid Capital in order to facilitate the research and development of our future protocols. We firmly believe that open discussion and sharing of new ideas is the key to success in these turbulent times. Liquidity Capital and its Circle of Trusted Partners will provide reciprocal co-marketing, co-development of use cases, and additional support for its CTP members. This, in turn, ensures greater safety and security for DeFi investors.

Liquid Capital is a team of proven DeFi veterans who have created a revolutionary DeFi protocol and a powerful operating strategy designed to achieve what most DeFi investors search for in a DeFi project; sustainability and price stability.


That wraps up the news for this week. Plenty more to come if you stay tuned every Friday. Thanks again to our amazing community for the continued support and love. Everything we build is for you all, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions our DMs are always open. Stay safe out there everyone, and as always: STAY BASED AND TOMB ON!