Based Friday | 17th June 2022 | Update 13

Based Friday | 17th June 2022 | Update 13

Hello Based Community!

Happy Based Friday everyone!

While the entire market continues to bleed, we continue to build. We have accumulated a large treasury and have more than enough room to survive the crypto winter. Based Finance is here to stay, and we will continue to provide you weekly updates of our progress and innovations. So, let’s get into it..

Message 2 — Hello LIF3!

Not everything was grim during this week.

The brand new LIF3 was revealed this week by our partners at Tomb finance. Everyone at Based Finance is very excited about the possibilities that LIF3 brings. And we all wish LIF3 a long and prosperous journey.

$BASED and $BSHARE genesis pools are live. Stake to earn Lif3.

Message 3 — It’s not Pegged it’s Ratio

Protocol Status — New Pool

We share Tomb’s thinking, and firmly believe that Based is not only a PEGGED algo coin and it will provide its own utility. Utility that helps to stabilize the tomb ecosystem even further.

Message 4 — NFT Updates

NFT Updates

We are nearing the launch of our BASED NFTs, the minting is ready to go, just finalizing the remaining pieces for the artwork and contracts, and the staking is almost done. The NFTs will utilize the Preview framework, stay tuned for some teasers on how that will look. We think this will be huge for rewarding our loyal community, while continuing to provide additional utility for $BASED.

Don’t forget, $BASED will be used for the mint once it is live, and the NFTs you mint will have their own utility as well. More on that soon.

Message 5 — New Protocol

New Protocol

We are excited to announce a new protocol coming soon thanks to our researchers in Based Labs. We have been digging into other successful projects to have our pulse on the market and to see what makes it tick. We have something innovative and exciting coming for you all. In order to survive winter, one needs fire, and the fire will burn!

Message 6 — Community Support

Community Support

​​With the current market conditions, support from you, our community, is paramount. We continue to build, and our treasury remains strong, but our work is nothing without the support from you.

Here are a few ways you can help support the protocol right now:

1. Participate in the community! Join the chat, make some friends

2. Purchase Based/Bshare and/or add LP to the Agora farms

3. If you want to sell, use tomb swap (fees support tomb and us), and/or pair into LP (this provides a good hedge against market volatility, supports the price, and diversifies your holdings)

4. Be nice to the people in the community! Like never before your support and kindness is needed to help everyone move forward as we focus on the future

This bear market will pass just like all of the others, and we are here for the long haul. Together we are strong! Lastly, as always, TOMB ON AND STAY BASED!