BASED 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to all of us, Based Family!!!

It has been a remarkable 365 days since we first launched our protocol and began our journey in DeFi. We offer our sincerest thanks to those who have been with us since the start and a warm welcome to those who have joined us along the journey.

Today, we mark this momentous occasion by burning 1,000,000 $BBONDs! This will bring our $BASED circulating supply to below 19 million! 
Burn Value = $100K

Let our next 365 days be even more rewarding as #basedlabs keep building.

In that vein, here’s a quick overview of our short-term objectives:

⦁ Pushing LIVE metrics page
⦁ Marketing campaign on Polygon blockchain
⦁ Immediate deployment of OTC engine on Polygon
⦁ Listing on Magic Eden our Devine Olympians NFT collection
⦁ Immediate use case for $OBOL and $BASED as fee for bridging
⦁ Royalties revenue stream circulation for buy backs and more burns
⦁ VDC & Exploder deployment on FTM — another immediate use case for $OBOL

Now, let’s open the curtains a bit more on our plans for our NFT Collections.

Since we ourselves have participated in many NFT projects as investors on ETH, SOL, FTM, AVAX, etc. — we believe we have a good understanding on things that attract investors, build communities, and thrive in the long term. Considering all these factors, we are going to do updates on metadata such as:

⦁ NFT Ranking (exclude unminted NFT ranks and readjust accordingly)
⦁ New Additions to Traits
⦁ New Visual Upgrades
⦁ AI Generated Layers (to certain extent)

ICYMI, Divine Olympians are able to traverse through blockchains and they have Gods’ Footprints that are also capable of moving cross-chain. Psst… here’s a little alpha — depending on trait and ruling, GODS will have extra boosts / perks on their reigning blockchain. 👀

As always, stay tuned to the socials for more detailed information and development updates:

For now — let’s just celebrate our Birthday and be proud of our community for making it through these hard economic times! We stay strong, we buidl, we degens!