Based Friday | 10th June 2022 | Update 12

Based Friday | 10th June 2022 | Update 12 Hello Based Community! We truly believe that our community is knowledgeable and can withstand the bear market, the FUD, and anything bad that tests our commitment to the BASED project. Let’s be realistic — the world economy is not doing well right now, and there is a lot of uncertainty regarding upcoming regulations. It might seem that nothing is currently working. But those of you who lived through previous market pitfalls know that this it is a temporary event. Based Finance does not stop developing and innovating our protocol to achieve the best results. We firmly believe that our protocol will remain in the DEFI space for a very long time. We will be constantly innovating the DEFI ecosystem, and make sure that Based Finance becomes an unshakable pillar of DEFI! We will be here, we will keep working, we have 0 doubt that this will pass and that Based Finance will come out stronger than ever. The night is darkest just before dawn!